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The drawer in my nightstand broke because it was too heavy.  Can I fix this?

I now realize that I can't put heavy objects in the drawer with plastic guard rails.

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    Change the plastic out for some metal drawer slides. Needs a half inch clearance between the drawer and the carcase either side. They have the advantage that they will extend out full length so you can fully open the drawer and will hold a lot, and they are super easy to fit. If there isn't the width, use ones that fit under the corner edges of the drawer. When buying make sure the slides are no longer than the depth of the cabinet.

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    Sure, you can fix it. Usually those plastic drawer glides are just stapled in. Put the glide back where it was, use the staples / holes to help locate them. Then find some short wood screws and screw them thru the plastic and into the wood near the staples. If chunks of the wood have fallen out, use some wood glue (Elmers) and glue them back in. The drawer would be able to hold as much weight as it did before, but should be functional? Good luck !

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