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How do we make this work?

I’m a white Australian, living in Australia and he’s an African American, living in America.  We have a long distance relationship.  Brad is currently finishing his college course and I work part time.  The only problem I can see is that I can’t work full time due to having mild schizophrenia.  If he can find full time work and we can marry, can I get a green card and move to America to be with the man I love?  


Mild schizophrenia means I’m basically a normal person, but I will have visions occasionally if I’m under high enough stress.

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    The income threshold for immigration sponsorship in the US is really low, barely above the poverty line. He could however obtain a joint sponsor and that person could sign the Affidavit of Support. Sponsoring a fiancee goes faster than sponsoring a spouse for some reason. So your best bet would be for him to apply to sponsor you before you get married. You'd be processed in Australia (under non COVID-19 conditions this was taking about none months) then you'd join him in the US and have 90 days to marry and proceed to getting a green card. 

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