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Do you still believe the ridiculous idea that Oswald was the lone gunman?

And do you believe in other fairy tales like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, unicorns and global warming?

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    You believe in absurd fairy tale that Lee Harvey Oswald was not lone assassin of JFK. You believe in other fairy tales like men not really walk on moon, climate change, Barack Obama was fine POTUS, etc,>

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    In his memoir, Bound by Honor, Bill Bonanno, son of New York Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno, stated that he realized that certain Mafia families were involved in the JFK assassination when Jack Ruby killed Oswald, since Bonanno was aware that Ruby was an associate of Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.

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    While it's difficult to prove a negative, there's no real evidence that there was anyone else shooting in Dealy Plaza on November 22nd 1962. 

    Conspiracy theorists sometimes point to people who thought that the shots came from the grassy knoll.  But it can be pretty difficult for humans to determine the location of gunshots by ear in an urban environment.  Most of the witnesses thought that the shots came from the area of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.  That's why the cops locked it down so quick (Oswald managed to get out of the building just before they did).  Modern ballistics experts have recreated the path which they shots would have taken and they give us a point of origin centered on the sixth floor of the TSBD.  So none of the shots that hit Kennedy and Connally came from someplace else.  And we can be pretty sure Oswald was doing the shooting from the sixth floor.  He was seen there by coworkers just before the shooting, a rifle which he owned was found there, his fingerprints were all over the sniper's nest, and two witnesses on the street saw a man fitting his description standing in the window the shots came from just before Kennedy's motorcade arrived.  If there was anyone else shooting that day, they didn't hit Kennedy (or anyone else) and they didn't leave any kind of witness or forensic evidence. 

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    Within my half-century, I  have experienced escalating extremes in temperature - burning hotter in every summer, freezing colder in every winter - just as Rachel Carson and the global warming Cassandras predicted. So I believe from experience in "global warming"

    That is current real-life. Not history.  It should not be part of your question.

    As to the "Grassy Knoll" versus  the "Schoolbook Depository alone" scenarios... The objective was to kill John Kennedy.  Two or three gunmen could achieve that better than one. 

    Oswald's actions showed he was not innocent. He attempted to kill President Kennedy. That should be clear.  He was arrested for doing that. Rightly so. 

    He was not a lone gunman. The paths the bullets took could not have been made by Oswald's weapon alone from where he shot. Testimony from people near the "Knoll" that they heard gunfire from behind them, and the images of their reactions on the Zapruder film, show that shots were fired from behind them and that one at least hit Kennedy from ground level and not from the Depository. The crack of gunfire recorded by the motorcycle officer's radio was loud and distinct.

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    You complete cretin, did you think you could sneak the climate lie past without someone noticing? You are a clueless buffoon darling

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    do you have any actual proof he wasn't

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    Funny how you don't explain why, it's "ridiculous". Why is that?

  • Not lone, but he was definitely involved. By the way, global warming is more real than the existence of Trump.

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    First off, Oswald was not that good a shot.

    Secondly, experts have tried to make those shots many times and it cannot be done.

    Was Oswald set up and used?  Yes.

    Those of us who lives through these times when our very best and brightest American Liberal Leaders were murdered with ease by little known, obscure, criminal types with guns have always intrigued me.  It's like Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl were all just dropped off by space ships and still today, little is known about any of them.

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    gw yes there's far too much implicating evidence for it not to be real,   but Oswald on his own,?  that's not so believable,   also where did the blackboxes go at ground zero on 9/11?

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