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How can I temp Help him?

My friend was technically "illegal adopted" his birth father hooked up with some tramp, she got pregnant and dropped him off on his adoptive parents doorstep. They never got him documented like with a ssn or a birth certificate how should I help him get these I mean he was born in the United States so

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    "Dropped him off on his adoptive parent's doorstep."  It sounds like he's already adopted.  How should you help him?  You don't.  He will have to do this alone.  Either he's not telling you everything or you didn't tell us everything.

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    Child was not 'illegally adopted', there is no such thing.  He was just not adopted.  If he was truly a doorstep baby meaning that nobody has knowledge of either of his parents and is still a minor, the people that have been caring for him can apply to the court to adopt him.   The judge will need to be satisfied that neither of his birth parents can be found.  The fact that there appear to be known facts such as the country of his birth and the occupation of his mother, makes me suspect that more is known than you have been told.

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