Girl won't stop calling?

So I met this girl on a dating site yesterday. She almost immediately was talking on the phone with me, and was texting me non stop, it seemed. Kept asking if we I be would her boyfriend. She also has a a guy she is living with currently living with who is her "boyfriend" /ex.. who constantly kept an eye on her phone. She seemed nice, like she wanted to leave this guy but I couldn't trust her and it just didn't feel right. 

I hung out with her once on her lunch break at BK, and I just didn't feel anything. Like a fool I still kissed her, than hungout with her later and made out with her and hugged her. I know that was wrong, but the entire time prior and after she was incredibly clingy and obsessive. Constantly asking if we were offfical, if she could move in with me, if I would see her every day. 

I just felt over whelmed... On my way home driving she kept calling me, and texting me while I was driving. And I had to get pissed at her, just to let me sleep. The next day, I felt bad at first, I apologized, than the previous behavior continued... So at about noon I decided to not go any further with her. She flipped, kept asking me to reconsider, and even offered to be my friends with benefits.

Needless to say I said no, but should I feel guilty, I feel like I really hurt her feeling's

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You did the right thing by ending it. She was just using you to try to get out of bad situation she's in.   Someone so clingy isn't very healthy to be with.    I dated a girl like that whom called and texted all day for 2 weeks.  She wanted to move in after the second date and then got mad at me when I said no.  I broke up with her immediately after that which never feels good, but you have to trust yourself did the right thing.  You deserve a healthy relationship.  This clearly wasn't it. 

  • Robert
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    She sounds insane.  Don't worry about her feelings.  Worry about your safety.  Dump her and do not ever initiate contact again.  

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