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Why are there so many more “followers” than “doers” in the world?

So many people love football but only a handful actually go out and practice on a daily basis. Tom Brady has millions of fans who probably have never played football in their entire life, yet they love football. LeBron James has millions of fans, and I bet several million of them don’t even know how to dribble a basketball. These fans spend all day watching basketball but they never actually go out and play the sport themselves. They aren’t doers, they are passive followers. This seems to be the case with a lot of things in life. Very few people actually do things, most people just watch the people that do things from the sidelines. The doers are creating and the followers are following the doers their whole lives 

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    Everyone is motivated by different goals and different desires.

    Some people give up before they even try.  They wish they could do something or be great at something but they are so convinced they will fail at doing that thing that they never put in the effort to see if they could have done it.  (fear of failure causes failure to launch)  

    Some people also want everything handed to them.  They don't want to put in the effort to work to achieve something - they expect to get a "free pass" and then when they are left behind because they weren't good enough - they blame everyone else.

    Some people are shy and don't desire to be the center of attention.  They prefer to stay in the sidelines and observe the greatness of others.

    Even in a general work force -  you will have workers who can set the pace for the job and other people who will only do enough to keep a job.  

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    the Doers kill each other for supremacy.  Most people would rather be alive, even as a slave than a dead patriot.

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    Too many chiefs and not enough injuns doesn't work out? 🥴

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