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advice job seeking, electrical engineering student?

Hope you all are well. 

I am graduating this fall with a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. I have been working part-time and going to school since I started college until early this year where I stopped working to finish strong on my last year. So me working part time unrelated to engineering, made me miss some opportunities to get an internship. This year, however, I had few interviews for internship position but I unfortunately did not get the role.

I have 3 projects on my resume and one being a two semester senior project and we landed 2nd place for the concept and now we are actually building it. I was part of FSAE (Formula society of automotive engineers), building of mini formula racing cars. My gpa before my this fall semester is 3.32/4.00.

I am currently mass applying. Applying to a lot of job post that I see myself the most qualified. It is just my inexperience with internships disheartens me and most of my peers landed an internship and is now landing full-time offers.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    You can get experience working for a Temp Agency. There you will be exposed to many different projects and issues. You will also be exposed to many different employers and see their internal management strengths and weaknesses. You will apply to them from an inside position rather than outside. You can impress them directly. They pay yo to get experience. Many companies hire through Temp Agencies.

    Go interview at a Temp Agency and ask questions. They also have classes on writing resumes and interviewing. Most are free.

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    Have you already graduated?  If not, apply for another internship position. My oldest son could’ve graduated last semester, but he decided to do an SDE internship at Amazon and after that a study abroad program.

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