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Does it sound like I have covid 19?

I know y’all would say go get tested but I don’t want to freak out my parents. I live with them and they both have health conditions. If I tell them I’m dealing with something and that I want to get tested they will go through an anxiety attack. I do hang out with my boyfriend during the weekends and I told him multiple of times to always put on hand sanitizers. He doesn’t. Okay, right now I’m dealing with bowel problems. 

I dealt with a burning throat yesterday and sharp pains in my back but I suffer with acid reflux so I put that to the side. Now, like I said, I woke up with bowel problems. It seems like everything can lead to coronavirus. So far I have no fever. I’m just scared for my parents. 

So has anyone dealt with bowel problems and they had coronavirus? I still have sense of taste and smell. So far no fever.

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    There are six 'types' of COVID-19. 

    The symptoms that you are describing fit the category of 

    gastrointestinal problems that are associated with COVID-19. 

    They are: Headache, loss of smell, loss of appetite, 

    diarrhea, sore throat, chest pain, and no cough. 

    "Severe Level Three" is the most severe level of 

    the COVID-19 virus, and the description is as follows: 

    Headache, loss of smell, loss of appetite, cough, fever, 

    hoarseness, sore throat, chest pain, fatigue, muscle pain, 

    shortness of breath, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. 

    It is possible that you might not exhibit every symptom, 

    but it is also possible that you are not in the full grips 

    of the virus yet either. From this point on, if you so 

    much as break a sweat, get to the doctor ASAP. 

    Your parents will be grateful that you did.

    I hope this helps you.

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    I would absolutely get tested and avoid people until you know

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