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Is buying an affordable manufactured home and affordable vacant land for it?

As good of a bargain as it sounds? We're talking an entire total of $50,000 or less in California 


Thanks, so are u

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    I really doubt it.

    Does the land have water and sewer and utility hookups, and a driveway if needed.  That could run another 40k.  

    Also, assuming the manufactured home is only 30k, the only thing you can get here for that price is a well used dump. 

    Also, is land really just 20k or so?  Not getting much land for that price over here, and are you sure its zoned that you can even put a manufactured home on it? 

    I'll bet you your final cost is at least double to triple that for a decent manufactured home on a decent piece of land, with all the utilites and licenses and everything else paid for.  

    Also, getting all this set up is a real pain the neck - personally I'd prefer buying a decent home that needs work and then fixing it up.  Generally less cost for more home and done faster. Its not always better but generally it is.

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    Remember the first 3 rules of Real Estate:  Location, Location, Location.

    If you're happy with that, then it may not be a bad deal.  I'm guessing it's in the middle of the desert.  Check for proper services (power, water, etc) and then look at what other places in that region are going for to see if it's a good price or not.  

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