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do some or even many people believe that the "Democrats" and "Republican" parties are really one in the same?

why? and how true?  does that make are presidential elections like staged events? even as fake as the "WWE"? why some think so?


They believe that they are all controlled by the same corporate and forein lobby groups? or is that just the majority in D.C.? some are legitimately there for the good of the people? which percentage?

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    We in Canada don't see much difference.  One is right wing, and the other far right.  In Canada, we have parties on the right, centre, and left.  Political parties here also have legal limits on the funds they can raise, and spend.  The US has no such limits, so, both parties there are the parties of money.

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    Liberalism/dems and conservatism/reps are one tick astride of middle politics in opposite directions. That's the way political scientists etc. learn it. Either can move away f/ the middle toward extreme at which point it becomes something else. Sure, they can have things in common but are not the same. Frequently they have common goals but different paths (for example). If corruption is your concern, that's usually a product of capitalism that needs limitations. Both sides have been known to overstep this way. It starts getting complicated.

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    The expression is not "one in the same" but "one and the same".

    Many people think, and not without reason, that however good a politician's motives may be when they start out, they will inevitably get corrupted along the way to a greater or lesser extent.

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    They may be, but Mr. Trump is a practicing Nationalist-Populist.

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    Where is the "History" portion of your question?  You are referring to the Democratic and Republican parties of this 2020 election.

    History refers to past events.  Politics and Current Events are the categories for the present election.

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    Anyone who thinks  the "Democrats" and "Republican" parties are really one in the same would have to be a complete retard. 

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