Am I Bisexual? ?

I’ve been sexually attracted to women (I’m a woman) as long as I can remember. My first (innocent) sexual experiences were always with my female friends, but I’ve never been romantically interested in women. I’ve been in several serious relationships with men, and have had sex with a man. I can’t really imagine myself in a romantic relationship with a woman, since I’ve never even had a crush on a woman. But I’m aroused by women and the idea of being with a woman even more so than men. Does that make me bisexual? Even though I wouldn’t really be in a relationship with a woman? I’m confused. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    It’s possible you could just have some internalized homophobia and your rejecting liking women but can’t ignore the sexual attraction. 

    When I was younger in middle/high school I could never imagine being in a relationship with anything women even though I realize I was finding them sexually attractive. Now here I am years later at 25 in a 4 year relationship with a woman I love.

    But it could also be that yes you are bisexual in the sense you’re sexually attracted to both men and women. But your attraction to men is stronger. 

    Bisexuality is rarely an even split and usually the way you love one gender is different from the way you love other genders. 

    For myself through accepting and embracing my sexuality I realized I’m much more attracted to woman and non-binary people than I am to men so I’m much more likely to get into relationships with women and non-binary people than I am men. Plus the way I’m attracted to women and non- bianary people is very different from how I’m attracted to men. With men it’s always just like an infatuation, a honey moon phase, I couldn’t see myself with a man long term as my feelings for them fade quickly and do not last. With women and non-binary people it’s a much more lasting attraction and not just that rush of wanting to get in bed with them but that fluttery feeling of wanting to be with them and stay with them.

    So you could just be more attracted to and romantically interested in men than you or woman or there’s some part of you that’s trying to reject this part of you. Either way accepting yourself and being okay with being bisexual will allow you to figure that out. 

    Source(s): A fellow bisexual
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    I would say yes        

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    1 month ago

    I don't believe "romantic attraction" is real. If you're sexually attracted to women you're bisexual, and choosing not to have relationships with them for whatever reason. Internalized homophobia maybe.

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    1 month ago

    i have no idea what to tell you other than use a man financially but maybe have sex with the woman he cheats on you with.

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