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Returning Property?

I left a security company for greener pastures a few weeks ago, however I found that in my raincoat pocket I still have an access card that belongs to the client at the place I was assigned. I get that they can re-key, and probably have since then, however would it be a smart move to email the client and request a PO box to send the item to? It irks me that I have their property; makes me feel like I am someone dishonest. I am not on good terms with my direct managers at the security agency for my resigning, and am curious if there is an issue with me just emailing the client about sending them their property. Would I be liable in any way with the client or with the company I left? I wish my managers had simply made sure to get that item from me before my departure, but I digress.

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    In some areas (my state) possession of a key to premises that the subject has no License to believe they have reason to "remain", could constitute a "burglar's tool".

    Get Rid of it. IF it may have a registered connection to YOU, do so by returning it to either the security company or the client, Get A Receipt for it.  Do it quickly before someone else might vandalize or commit a thrift.

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