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How to cope with the fact you'll never be nothing?

I am a 23 year old male. I will never be nothing, I will never be able to hold a job, never be able to find a relationship, never able to have my own individuality.  It sometimes feel like I'm just here on earth as an observer. No matter how hard I study, no matter how hard I try in life I get no where. I lost my teenage years arrested for a stabbing I committed and I never had a chance to go to highschool, ever. I am destined to be distant from reality and I feel like prison will be my fate. How do I cope with this?

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    I was a troubled youth. Drinking and smoking weed when I was 14. I cleaned myself up when I was 21and found weight training to be very relaxing. At 25 I had a sick kid born 2 lbs 4oz. At the time I was basically illiterate. I somehow managed to get into a community college without a ged. And spent the next 3 years working and going to school to get my degree. Things are better now. 

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    You are somebody and your question shows that you care and have regret and that's all it takes to turn it all around and start a great life. Only people that refuse to see their wrongs cannot grow and succeed. Make tomorrow a positive productive one.

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    Things are going to get better even if they seem hopeless. For example, Mandela spent 27 years in prison. He stayed strong and was released and became president of his country and did a lot of good and had a great and happy life because he continued with his life. I know of someone who was severely depressed for many years and was able to recover and live a happy life. There was a time I felt hopeless and miserable but now I am happy.

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    Don't be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You can go back to school online and or find something that you can make and sell, e.g. driftwood lamps, art made from items that were bound for a landfill, cut lawns, get career help from the library, find a job that doesn't require a high school diploma e.g.  grocery store stock clerk or a dish washer.  Big Lots and Dollar General hires people with a record.  I think Sam's Club does too.

    Just keep at it and don't be a quitter.  I wish you well.

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    There is a saying I used when I was young and out-of-work: "When the times get tough, the tough get going!"

    To begin your life anew in 2020, select one small chore you would like to achieve. If there is one thing you do well but not described, learn to put your energy into making the chore the best you can do. If you do something  to improve yourself for one subject, you may be able to add new chore you can attempt. Why not change your appearance like redo your hair style. Women know that changing their hair style can change a person who can admire themselves. If you continue to improve your hair style, you may be able to improve some other thing you do not like about yourself. You probably were not aware how to obtain free professional advice  on any disorder, hate, love, etc. Go to Click on TODAY, then click on ALL, and you will see maybe 100 listed disorders and emotions you can choose to read to improve yourself. Regardless what people think of you, you have to begin to like yourself again. There are professional answers for any troubling subject you choose. You can do it!

    Good Luck, and give yourself a new chance to change your life.


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    Never being nothing is quite alleviating as it means that you cannot fail!  Not totally,  anyway.

    You don't need to cope with good luck.

    Double negative = positive. 

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