Birth control ?

So my girlfriend had a medical abortion (abortion pill) last Wednesday (a week ago pretty much) and she started her birth control the following Sunday.  

She still has light bleeding and tonight we drank a little and were messing around. We didn’t do any penetration but I’m worried some of my ***/pre-*** got on her vagina while doing other things... how soon does the birth control take to work?? And should we worry about her getting pregnant from the *** potentially getting on the outside of her vagina...  thank you in advance.  Please no trolls we both agreed to just wait until her next check up before having any sexual activities 

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  • LizB
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Birth control is hypothetically effective the first month if taken on the first day of her next cycle, but for the first couple of months it's wise to use a second form of BC (aka, condoms) since it can take a month or two to adjust to the hormones. 

    Since the two of you have already terminated one unplanned pregnancy, you're being reckless and you know it. After a medical abortion you're not supposed to have sex for AT LEAST 2 weeks in order to avoid risk of infection, but here you are messing around with your gf when she's already been through so much. Do you just not care about her health or safety at all?

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