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Can U.S Postal Service be held accountable for thier mistakes? ?

I live in an apartment complex, apparently whoever supposed deliver my package left a parcel locker key in someone else's locker instead of mine. Now my package was taken/stolen. I just need my package or they need to pay for what was lost. How can I get them to take responsibility for thier mistake? 


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    If this item was something purchased on-line or mail order the sender bares risk of loss until the item is in your hands (not just handed off to a shiper). Contact the sender and let them know the item was not received and please ship it as soon as possible. They need to demand reimbursement by the shipper but that's not your concern. But how can you possibly know that the delivery person put a parcel locker key in someone else's locker? Even the delivery person certainly did not know he/she had made a mistake so how would you know that?

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    Insurance is how USPS and other carriers assume responsibility for mistakes. If the sender insured the package for more than the default $50, s/he can file a claim. As a recipient that never saw the package, there's nothing you can do, as it is a matter between the postal service and the shipper.

    Source(s): I work in a contract post office.
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    Only to the extent that the package was insured. If extra insurance wasn't purchased, it's only something like $50.

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    How do you know the key was left in someone else's locker?

    Where you there?

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    2 months ago

    Yes, so long as it can just be proven.

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