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Using fly spray with a dog around.?

I don’t know why, but there are so many tiny flies on the path in my back garden. There is nothing which could be attracting them, I have used to jet hose to remove any smells or food and they have appeared again. 

I need them gone, we cannot sit outside without them flying in our face or leave the door or windows open as they end up in the house. 

I need something which will kill them and stop more returning. I understand a spray is good to use but I have a dog. Is this safe to use? If not what else would be my answer? 

Thank you! 

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  • Jojo
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    2 months ago
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    Wash the path down with diluted Jeyes Fluid.The smell of it should hopefully stop flies coming near it and its also safe (when diluted properly) for pets to be  around it.

    many dog kennels and stables use it to disinfect. 

    If in doubt, contact them for advice and they may be able to help you further.

    I believe its for sale on Amazon and can ship to  the USA.

  • 2 months ago

    I back up the suggestions to clean the path with Jojo's suggestion.  I know you said you knew of nothing to attract them, but most sites say the best defense is a good offense (get rid of anything attracting them).  That means: be sure you keep the yard picked up, as to pet feces, clean & wash all garbage cans, and don't use anything BLUE or any blue lights - as flies are attracted to BLUE, more than any other color.  Even rotting/molding birdseed maybe attracting them if you have feeders & any seed goes on the ground.

  • jean
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    2 months ago

    maybe buy some path cleaner from the local hardware store. Fly sprays are for inside the home. They are dangerous and i have never used them.

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