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Is a Non-Hispanic or Latino, a person that is a Latino? Confused!!!?

Is a Non-Hispanic or Latino, a person that is a Latino? Confused!!!?

What does it mean if someone identifies as Black or African-American, Not Hispanic or Latino? Does it mean they are Latino and not Hispanic or that they are Hispanic or Latino, but don't identify as Hispanic or Latino?

Does it mean Black or African-American Alone (no other race or ethnicity)?

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    "Latino" is the masculine form of a word that means someone of Latin American ancestry. Most Latinos (or "Latinx" as has become the non gendered go-to) are Hispanic because most Latin American nations speak Spanish. But Portuguese speaking Brazilians, English speaking Guyanese, French speaking French Guyanese and Dutch speaking Surinamese people are still "Latino" even though they're not "Hispanic". A "Latino" can be of any race and there are plenty of black "Afro-Latino" people all over Latin America and the Caribbean. Most African-Americans are not Afro-Latino.

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    Non-hispanic/latino means neither hispanic nor latino. Those are different terms which mean almost exactly the same thing, and many people use them interchangeably in common parlance. Black/African-American are alternate terms commonly used for the same thing, too. Those with a mixture of ancestries can choose "mixed" instead of hispanic/latino or black/African-American.

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    Latino and Hispanic are not races. They’re are ethnicities.

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