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My 13 year old dog died I feel devastated.?

She was the best friend and companion I could have hoped for. I can't stop thinking about her.  I feel this void. Up until 6 weeks ago she was in great health. all of a sudden she started losing weight but was still eating,a month ago she had what vet thinks was a stroke. She seemed to get a little better, just more tired, Then the side of her face looked swollen and underneath, she had a scratch, Vet gave anti inflammatory and antibiotic cream and swelling went down. 

She seemed more tired, laid around more and did not want to walk more,but was still eating and drinking. 

Days later she started making gagging noises, mostly after she ate. She had a bad odor and we had to bath her more often. Vet said that it sounded like she was at then end of her life, she was not in pain said they could do invasive tests to get a diagnosis but taking her age and size into consideration, it could speed up her death

She started eating less & was very lethargic. One day she ate and seemed back to old self.

Friday she stopped eating and barely moved or drank. 

Saturday I gave her a sponge bath she seemed to like, but did not move much.

stayed up till 330 am with her in morning I woke up and saw she moved to a recliner then I realized she had died. I feel bad. I think could I have done more? Why did I fall asleep i could have been holding her when she passed. How & when did she move? I feel such a sadness.We are waiting to get her ashes back I don't know if that will help or not.feel so lost.

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    You need to see a doctor,  It seems like you have rabies.  You can't discern between an animal and a human.  These are feeling you have for humans, not animals.  The dog died most likely from a cat scratch.  Dogs harbor hundreds of diseases in their lifespan.  And, the harbor them as an offensive strategy to get prey.  And, that prey includes humans.  They are the type of predator that doesn't just jump on you.  They kill you softly.,  They introduce a mass of disease into your environment to subdue you, then they eat your skin that they have softened with their saliva, they paralyze you with their exotoxins and they suck and lick your blood.  This is what you call a best friend.  You can't see it because all that saliva contained rabies that has given you brain damage so you can't do the things that are necessary to take care of yourself.,  Most likely you are walking around with pestice (plague) chasing it down with grape mold (wine).  You need to be thankful that you outlived the dog.  You are not the type of person that needs to care for dogs.  Instead of using the animal for certain task, you have decided to run as a pack.  This has made you a very dangerous person.  See a doctor.

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    I hope you’re ok! - I can not imagine what you’re feeling, I have had my dog since I was 12 and I’m

    now 23. She’s been my companion throughout everything and the thought of her going kills me so deeply. I’m very sorry you’re going through this. 

    You just have to know that you gave her a great life full of love and happiness. Be grateful that you had the opportunity to love her and to have her love you back and just hold on to the lovely memories that you both have together. I wish life was a dream and we could have them with us forever :( but at least we get to love them in the first place. 


  • 2 months ago

    This is the hardest part for any dog lover.  We all know we are going to lose them but it is always devastating.  Hurts like hell & that void is horrible.  Broken hearted.  Been there too many times. I am so sorry for your lose.

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