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PCOS and miscarriages?

My sister has polycystic ovarian syndrome and she got pregnant all on her own with no medication and had a healthy pregnancy and never once miscarried. I thought if you had PCOS that you would have a harder time getting pregnant? And her dr told her that she was at higher risk to have a miscarriage cause of what she had. But now she had a healthy baby with no complications. Anyone else have PCOS and had a healthy pregnancy with no problems? This was a miracle for her. 

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    PCOS is known to potentially cause problems with getting pregnant, but there is a wide range of severity. Some who have it can get pregnant without intervention and can manage symptoms with diet and lifestyle changes alone, others require medication to comfortably curtail symptoms, and yet others require stronger doses of medications and may not be able to get pregnant without intervention. I've met women with PCOS who got pregnant naturally fairly easily, and I've met women who needed IVF, and even one who went through a surrogate, because their causes were much more severe. I myself probably have an extremely mild case of PCOS, because I have some of the hormonal markers but not all of the typical symptoms.

    Your sister's doctor was not incorrect, she likely was just informing your sister of statistical facts associated with a PCOS diagnosis. It is a provider's obligation to be truthful and to provide realistic expectations. If a patient exceeds expectations or is that miracle unicorn case with an outlier outcome, it's not like a doctor will be unhappy about it. Nor does it mean their initial advice was inappropriate or wrong. Most providers are glad when their patients beat the odds, because who wouldn't be?

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    I did. Every pregnancy comes with risks. She was indeed blessed

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    PCOS can (and does) cause difficulty in getting pregnant and miscarriage...but it's not a guarantee. I don't have PCOS myself, but I do have friends who have it and didn't have any issues getting pregnant because of it and never miscarried. Then again, I also have friends who had to resort to medication in order to get pregnant and one who had to go all the way to IVF (the first attempt resulted in a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage). It just varies from person to person.

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