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I m a University student in a poor country.I struggle to survive.I can not find a job here and I had the idea to move to another country?

to work ,whatever job I can do ,and come back to my country to give exams three times a year.My parents yell.They say if you leave the country you will quit from University.My father never gives me pocketmoney and he says there is food in the fridge.He asked me if I am that greedy that I want to eat meat everyday.Since I was a kid I never  had money to socialize and my parents didnt have friends because they did not have money to spend.Should I leave the country and come back three times a year?

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    Consider leaving your country for work (if you are sure of a job there), going to school there, and not coming back.

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    It depends on what you're studying at the university. If you are studying math, engineering, or nursing, then you  may be able to get a good job in the United States. These are high demand fields. If you are studying a low demand area such as history, music,or paleontology your job prospects in the United States are poor. I can't speak about any other country. 

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    maybe you can ask your school about transferring to another school in another country

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    this is a direct attack to me.

    I know very well.

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