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What should I pack for the plane ride for my one year old ?

I’m taking my son on a 4 day trip and the airplane ride would be about 4 hours there and back and an hour layover. I get 2 carry ons free and I’ll probably pack a backpack for my son that I can have with me on the plane of all the things he needs such as diapers, wipes, toys, bottles and pediasure (that’s all he eats). I was also thinking about getting a portable DVD player so he can watch cartoons and so I can have my phone to listen to music on or watch movies or whatever. 

I just don’t know what to pack because I was going to have one roll on luggage for me because I got a lot of stuff I have to pack (clothes, laptop, hair straightener, phone charger, etc) and I’ll probably not have enough room to pack mine and my sons stuff in one luggage. How should I pack? Should I buy a backpack just for the plane that has all his diapers and bottles and toys? 

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