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(Details and Example below)Could you get a Permanent residency in the states through education? ?


If a international student from Europe has a United states Scholarship or Grant's pass for a foreign nonUs citizen, which covers the cost of the whole course or partially...could when the course/Semester finishes become certified and licenced to legally work in the state? And is this Included in the course?

To  break it down.

-A European citizen

-United states scholarship program:Applied for a accepted.

-In one state studying.each state has own licence snd certification requirements.

-Completes semester or course which for example A therapist course in some Massage school or Therapist school...***will they be state certified and licenced??*** 

(to legally work)

-Once state licenced and certified can the European citizen claim permanent residency?

(As they have the right to work)

-Apply or obtain permanent residence. 


-Licenced.Certified.Holds Permanent Residency..lives and works in the state or the USA for  3 to 5 years.Apply for citizenship ...become a citizen.

I hope this makes any sense.

Thankyou for your time and advice.

You really are helping.



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    Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas. You attend your course full-time, in-person on-campus, and return to your country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies. There is NO way to get legal permanent residency status based on going to school in US.

    Those who qualify for temporary employment visas, and are hired by a qualified employer who applies for their temporary employment visa, likewise have no direct path to obtain legal permanent residency simply based on having worked temporarily in US. For ONE type of employment visa, IF their employer wants to keep them beyond the 6 year maximum term of employment on that type of visa, and IF the employer qualifies to sponsor them for a green card, then it can take another 8-14 years before an immigration visa MIGHT be available and might be approved so that they get a green card. Very, very few foreign workers ever qualify & actually have an employer willing & able to sponsor their immigration. Temporary workers must plan on returning to their own country.Massage therapists do NOT qualify for any temporary employment visa - cannot work in US. For physical therapy, there is no shortage of PTs in the US, therefore no eligibility for temporary employment visas. Furthermore, you must hold a bachelor's degree to apply for admission to physical therapy degree programs. DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy, a 4-year graduate school program) required to qualify as PT in US. IF you are US citizen or legal permanent resident. Foreign graduates return to their own country & must qualify & obtain suitable licensing in their own country to work there.

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    US Immigration is well aware of the many attempts to work around the many rules.

    Your idea does not work. You GO HOME. The days of wandering the planet at will was LAST century.

    I hope this makes any sense.

    YES it does you motives are clear and the answer is NO.

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    A scholarship to study is in no way related to a visa to work. 

    Time on a student visa doesn't count towards residency.

    Expect to go home - as per the terms of a student visa. 

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    Basically, you can't.  Student visas mean you MUST go back home after the studies are completed.  They are NOT a means to immigrate.

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    No. That won't work at all.

    In general, you could POSSIBLY get residence graduating, with a full degree, from a US university. An employer would need to sponsor you for a work visa. After 6 years, if they want to keep you, they apply for your green card., which is a residence visa.

    But you would need to be in a program such as a PhD program in engineering or a hard science. Not a certificate or trade program like massage therapy for that to be possible. 

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    While on a student visa NO TIME SPENT in any country counts as a 'legal resident for citizenship purposes'........ so the answer is no

  • Foofa
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    The US simply doesn't grant work visas for those occupations. So no. The only students who can study in the US then go on to get work visas here are those who get advanced degrees in needed STEM subjects. They can compete for H1B visas that after six years could result in employer sponsorship for permanent resident status. The only way for someone studying a soft science to gain US permanent resident status during their studies would be to marry a US citizen capable of sponsoring them 

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