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Has the production team behind Family Guy found a replacement for Cleveland Brown's voice actor yet?

Hi. I learned fairly recently that Mike Henry, the man who voiced Cleveland Brown on Family Guy for about two decades stepped down from his role. This all has to do with political correctness. He said people of color should voice people of color. I agree with this, but if a voice actor's voice fits a certain character it shouldn't matter what the voice actor's ethnicity is. No one complains when any people of color voice white human characters. There's a double standard.

Did they find a replacement for him yet? Cleveland isn't going to be the same character if they can't find a voice actor who can imitate Mike Henry.

I'm just curious. Please help. Thank you.

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    1 month ago

    The manatees will decide when they are ready to hire a new actor. They will also tell us which actor is to replace Mike Henry. We must not disturb the selection process of the ingenious manatees. Without them, Family Guy wouldn't be the most iconic piece of art it is today. 

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