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Why do people (Adults especially) honestly like Pokemon?

The art style is just bad and the repetition is almost as annoying as Peppa Pig. There are so many other battle shonen anime that have much better art styles with more realistic looking monsters, so why do people like badly drawn, cheap art styles like Pokemon?

I never even understood the love for it when I was a child. I had to watch the anime growing up at my babysitter's house with her children. How could someone honestly not recognize Team Rocket wearing mustaches?  

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's so cute!

    An autistic man created it. He understood how to make something that many people will want to collect and get all the versions of.

    It's just something from the 1990s so lots of people have nostalgia or never stopped playing the game or they collect from it.

  • John
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    1 month ago

    are you talking about the anime or the games? because i love both.

    with the anime, yes it's cheesy and hokey and silly, but it's comforting to me. i love the early seasons for nostalgia and that 90s anime style, and i like more recent seasons like sun and moon or the current one pokemon journeys for their animation, which is amazingly fluid during battles and other action scenes, and for their character growth. it's nothing mindblowing, but i loved seeing lillie in pokemon sun and moon learn to overcome her fear of pokemon going from being afraid of even a pokemon egg, to being able to raise and battle her own pokemon.

    for the games, i love the strategy and all the different ways you can build a team. while the main stories can easily be beaten by overleveling, when it comes to competing against real people or battle towers where the levels are set to be 50 or 100, a lot more strategy has to be employed in order to win.

    and as for the art style, i don't see what's wrong with being cartoony. i like cartoons, i don't want to play a realistic game or watch a realistic show. realism in video games is pretty unappealing to me because it's not stylish. i want stylish games, things like splatoon, kirby, boarderlands, tf2, etc. you can make your game look like anything you want, the sky's the limit! why choose boring realism? i'm already real, i want to escape from all that when i watch or play something

  • Imp
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    1 month ago

    There is always some kids media adults like that they temporarily escape into. 

  • 2 reasons.

    1) They play the video game.

    2) They grew up with it.

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