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Why doesn't Amazon deliver packages by drone like they show on TV and why do they still use delivery people from shipping companies?

The technology with drones is available today why don't they use the drone technology for making deliveries?

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    They should have drones which carry heavyload packages,the drone will carry certain amount of weight and should be able to do more door delivery per day.Its not possible to deliver packages like the delivery person does.

  • 5 months ago

    Far from Practical

    Battery Life for a drone carrying package & returning is around 20 minutes. 

    The launch site has to be close by.

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    There's a ton of fatal flaws with current Drone Technology that makes it impossible to use in most practical delivery situations.  

    1.  Range.  Drones have poor range maybe 5 miles or so at the most. It would be too expensive to put warehouses within range.

    2.  Capacity.  Drones can only deliver one package at a time and it can't be too heavy or too big.

    3. Local Regulations : People don't want low flying drones over their neighborhoods.

    4.  Time:  Drones have to fly back to charge after each package they deliver. A single delivery driver can get a dozen houses done within minutes.

    5.  Weather:  Drones get shut down in minor weather conditions. 

    6. Deliver-ability:  With drones you need a safe landing area and location to leave the package. A  lot of homes especially in urban areas don't have a good place for a drone to safely leave a package and even making that determination is tricky.  Areas that have safe areas tend to be too spread out for the typical short range drones have. While you might be excited about installing a "drone platform" at your home most people will not want to bother or be openly hostile to it. 

    Unfortunately, while a simple video proof of concept is easy to do with a drone delivering a single package a couple of miles from the warehouse, we are decades from having drone technology that can replace a truck loaded up with dozens of packages.  

  • 6 months ago

    Drones are expensive and not fully reliable. 

    Also, they can be shot down by criminals.  

    If that happens, the stuff You were supposed to get won't ever arrive. 


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  • 6 months ago

    Why not use flying delivery trucks?

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    6 months ago

    In my state a Drone (RC) cannot leave the pilots View by law.

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    6 months ago

    The technology is not universal .. meaning it is not everywhere.  But it's coming!  Some new homes are being built with "Drone platforms" where the drones can securely drop a package (so porch pirates can't get them).  And Amazon is working on aerial warehouses .... a warehouse floating in the sky.  The drone will pick up your paper towels and glide to your home and drop it on your door step (or platform).  Be patient!

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