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Why does the military promote on bs stats like pt and shooting skills and time in grade when every other job promotes based on leadership?



Im just saying i went from e4 to e5 for no other reason than nobody else in my mos could pass pt or shoot or do any other basic skills. I had 3 years in 😔

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  • Mark B
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    1 month ago
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    The US military does not promote based on "bs stats like pt and shooting skills".

    Like most other reputable jobs, there are MINIMUM requirements to be promoted.  If you meet the minimum, you are CONSIDERED for promotion.  Then other factors -- like leadership, behavior, awards, education, are considered.

    For junior ranks, the minimums are pretty low.  Time in Grade is used because no job is going to give you a promotion every other week.  You actually need time to prove yourself.  Time in Grade also lessens the chance of favoritism from specific leaders.

    As you increase in rank, the automatic promotions based on Time in Grade don't happen.  Actual evaluations of performance are used to determine promotions.

    Just about every regular job has low level promotion criteria at the beginning.  Work at McDonald's and start at minimum wage.  After 6 months you should get an automatic promotion (assuming you can show up on time).  After 2 years, you should get another automatic promotion.  After that, it will be based much more on performance, openings, and ability to assume higher level roles.

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Most militaries promote based on time in grade, so people have some career-perspective and won't stay privates for decades.

    Things like skill, talent, education and leadership will get you promoted faster than those who don't have them

  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    Which military? 

    Which service?

    The USAF promotes officers based on a board reviewing performance reports.  Enlisted are promoted based of their performance reports and job knowledge.   As long as you don't fail a pt test right before your report closes out, it has no bearing.  Marksmanship has zero to do with promotions.

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