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Because of law of attraction, is this my fault?? ?

Hello, so this may be a very stupid question and I'm sorry of it is, but I just need advice. So I used the 3 6 9 method for weight loss and fast metabolism, I wrote it down and all that good stuff and set it under my pillow. Well let's fast forward maybe a month or two??? And now within the span about two weeks both my grandma's cat and papa passed. (The cat was old and my papa suddenly got diagnosed with cancer) I had forgotten about my manifestation and I read that if you don't thank the universe that your manifestation will backfire as the universe is mad at you. The universe didn't curse me and have this as it's way of backfiring right??? It's not my fault?? I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question and I sound crazy I'm just really freaking out because that's what I read. Thank you everyone I've also since threw out the notebook with my manifestations

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