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This weekend my parents are going to the beach and my cousins will be there, I can’t go because my sister is there, how do I change this?

I’m not allowed to go per my parents rules when my sister is there because my sister does not like me. I’m really disappointed as I’d like to see these cousins and we haven’t had any gatherings this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  My sister has long hated me because I get anxious easily and talk a lot.  Last summer I finally got mad back at her and now she won’t speak a word to me.  As a result my mother tells me to stay away when my sister is present. She says to do this because she does not want conflict.  So for example Thanksgiving I could not come last year until my sister had left and by then dinner was over. My mother is just caving to my sister to avoid conflict and it’s how my sister became like she is. She’s the youngest of a family of five kids.  


So this weekend how much I change it so I can come in see the cousins that will be there? If I’m not able to how do I get my mind off of it and enjoy my weekend and not sweat it too much? I feel angry that this sister gets to call the shots.   


Any ideas? Also apologies for any grammar or word errors as I’m asking into my iPhone so it’s likely translating a few words wrong.  

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    maybe you should ask your cousins if you can see them somewhere else

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What in the freak did you do to have your parents act this way towards you !?

       Must have been sumthin sumthin pretty bad!

    Made your bed? Lie in it.    Do not have the real history to make an accurate call nor an opinion.    Sorry,       N .

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