maddie asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 month ago

Why does keeping tampons in for a long time have a bad affect if you’re just gonna put a new one in after?

I don’t understand how that works 

1 Answer

  • Marc
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The vagina contains millions of micro organisms like bacteria and fungus.  When a woman has her period she is losing her endometrial lining along with blood.  As long as it leaves the body, no problem. But now stick a cotton plug into the vagina and you keep everything in there.  It is a perfect breeding ground for the microbes to multiply with warmth, moisture, and nutrition (blood and discarded tissue). The longer the "plug" is in place the more time for the bacteria to basically have a party and multiply. As they do this the secrete waste product.  This buildup can cause pretty severe problems for the woman like infection.  Once the plug is removed the problem is resolved

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