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Any advice when looking for an apartment? ?

I'm really nervous as I turn 18 in a couple of months and my mom expects me to move out very soon after. I'm still in high school and am stressed about searching for an apartment, I feel like nobody will rent to me. I work while going to school and have money saved up. Do you have any advice when looking for an apartment? 

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    A lot of people here say its hard... After high school, i had no problem getting an apartment when i went to college and only a part time job. If you have money saved up, tell them you will pay the first few months up front if they give you a hard time. I'd ask your mom if you can pay her rent until you finish school to make it easier to find a place. Once you find a full time job, I'd look for an apartment within like 20 minutes drive in a place that's easy to meet people and has things to do around it. It's a new chapter in your life, and you need to put yourself in the best position for success.

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    Few landlords will rent to 18yr olds even if thy are working and earning f/t, those that will often will only rent to them if they have an adult guarantor who also signs the contract as if/when you fail to pay the rent the landlord can sue you and the guarantor to get the money owed....... suggest you look for a room to rent which is likely to be the cheapest option

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    It's not going to be easy if you've never had any credit, no matter how much you've saved. What would be your best bet is to try to become someone else's roommate in an apartment they already rent. Then try to establish your own financial base. Job, credit and reliability are what most landlords want--no matter what age. An 18 year old has few options other than to start small and work your way up to those levels. 

    Start perusing ads for roommates--or maybe get together with one of your friends who is also going to be moving out--and see what you can find in your area. Apartments are expensive--the rent isn't the only cost. Keep that in mind--you'll pay for EVERYTHING your parents currently pay for--food, clothing, utilities, insurance, car/transportation, school--if they ask you to move out. BUT--also remember, that as long as you are still in high school, they cannot legally kick you out. 

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    Your fears are well placed.  Most landlord's won't rent to someone so young without a credit or long work history.  Talk to Mom about co-signing a lease, and consider getting roommates to share expenses (it is more fun that way too).  Typically you have to make 3 times the monthly rent to qualify, so save every penny while you can, the real world is expensive and you need to create a financial safety net.

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    You're old enough when you're 18 as far as the law says but landlords want to rent to older people, they are not discriminating because they're not denying you a right, they are allowed to even say "over 30" or whatever on adverts. My advice is wait to get kicked out, then someone has to help you but they don't if you are just planning to leave. Someone needs a word with your Mother really.

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    At 18 you are seriously going to struggle to get a place of your own.

    Why?  Well, to rent an apartment you need;

    - good credit. You can't start building credit till you are 18, so you won't tick that box for a bit

    - you need a steady job, with enough income to qualify to rent the place. Extremely doubtful at 18

    - money in the bank. You need deposit money, rent in advance and money to kit out the place.

    On top of all that most landlords won't be keen to rent to a teen.

    The cheaper options are to live with other family or move into s houseshare. Won't mom tell you live at home? It's very hard for teenagers to be independent like this.

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    in the US, age discrimination would only be based on state law, federal law does not prohibit discriminating based on being a young adult.

    while many landlords will not rent to an 18 year old without a cosigner...and still some will not even accept a cosigner....some landlords will, I know someone in NJ  that got an apartment at 18.

    most landlords want you to be earning 3x the rent

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    At 18 you most likely will have to rent a room in someone's house .

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    do not take the first one and do not believe the landlord about anything he/she may say.  take the lease and have someone else read it and if there is anything in it that you do not like, tell the landlord or do not sign it.

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     Nobody is going to rent to an 18 year old with no rental history and without a full time job..  Unless maybe if its a relative.

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