Can someone help me ID this old movie where a lamp glows orange at the end?

I saw this on TV back in October 1996.  It was the tail end of a horror movie and it looked older, possibly 70s or 80s.  Two young women were in a bedroom and laughing as they got ready for bed. Both where thin and white with long dark hair.  The view was closeup of one of the women as she laid on her left side in a bed that was under a window.  She reached over to turn off the lamp, which was a white or frosted hurricane lamp, on the nightstand next to her.  She went to sleep, and outside it was windy, and the shadows of trees and bushes played over the room.  The camera then focused on the lamp as heavy breathing and footsteps started up outside, sounding like someone walking on dead leaves, and the lamp started slowly glowing a menacing orange.

I originally thought it was a John Carpenter's original Halloween series movie, but none of the films that fit the time frame (even the 6th one from 1995) have this scene, and neither do any of the Friday the 13th or Amityville films (not even "Evil Escapes", since this had a floor lamp).  I've gone over wikipedia too, looking for movies from these times, as well as horror, ghost, and slasher films, but I've had no luck.  I'd like to see this again, and I'm hoping someone can help me ID it.  Was it or movie or was it a TV show like Tales from the Crypt?  The latest date would be October 1996, but I'm leaning toward 70s or 80s, and possibly a supernatural horror film.

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