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Does the military have an option to where if your in school. They can move your date for basic afterwards? I'm 4 months away from being out of college

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  • Mark B
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    6 months ago

    Yes, it is called "don't sign the contract until you complete your degree".

    Delayed Entry Program is for high school students approaching graduation, but don't have their diploma in hand.  A diploma is required for enlisting, so the military has that system in place.

    A degree is not required to enlist.  You could drop out 1 month before you receive your degree if you wanted (which would be very stupid) and enlist.

    You will NOT ship the week after you meet with a recruiter.  You CAN talk to one and get everything in place.  That usually takes a couple months.  Once you have everything in place, your recruiter will schedule a date/time and send you to MEPS for in processing.  You TELL him the date you are available after receiving your degree and that is the earliest you can go to MEPS.  If he has some quota slots to fill, he may pressure you to leave school early and finish afterwards.  DO NOT DO THAT.  A recruiter is a salesman.  Do not "buy" unless you are fully satisfied with the product and timing.

    Having the degree means you will enter at a higher rank (more pay).  You want to ensure the degree is included in your in-processing.

  • 6 months ago

    4 months away from being out of college and still don't know the correct form of You're ? 

    I'd ask for a refund. 

    Delayed Entry is where you sign up and agree to join......but explain to the recruiter the reason you need to wait.....whatever time period you're hoping to  delay. 

  • Mrsjvb
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    6 months ago

    Yes, and no.  You can be in DEP for up to 12 months, but you will only get a ship date based on when there is a spot for you in AIT/Tech school/A school.  Some jobs only have  new classes once or twice a year.  

    Considering  the enlistment process before even enter DEP is running 6-8 months, you most likely will be sitting around twiddling your thumbs after the semester ends

  • 6 months ago

    most people who enlist don't go to basic for 6 months

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