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Why is everyone complaining about the economy?

It doesn't seem to affect me at all... whether it's doing well or going down

3 Answers

  • The U.S. government bailed out Wall Street while leaving Main Street to be evicted.

  • Oiy
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    2 months ago

    You are perfectly inelastic which is very rare in economics. It is the same like you have never seen any who gets the Corona 19 in America. it does not mean only that you should be poor, no job, no income like now. But the other side should be attractive as well. People get richer like Jeff due to COVID 19, doing nothing. He just deliveries things faster. Or you might buy all Pfizer‘s stocks. Huh ok,you are not interested.

  • 2 months ago

    Well for me, I'm not terribly worried since I don't need the money from my investments for many, many years.  My father is retired and some of the income he needs now is affected by the markets.

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