How do I lose more belly fat?

I already lost some by not eating much and drinking more water. How do I lose the rest?? 


Forgot to mention that I've also been eating more yogurt.

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    1 month ago

    Belly (brown) fat can be harder to lose than fat stored in other areas of the body. Make sure you're maintaining a calorie deficit by using the calculator below (link 1) to ensure you are consuming calories at a fat loss level, not weight maintenance level (as your  weight changes or activity level changes, your calorie needs change).


    Per link 2, some tips to help lose belly fat are:

    Eat plenty of soluble fiber

    Avoid trans fats

    Avoid/reduce alcohol consumption

    Eat plenty of protein

    Reduce stress

    Avoid sugar

    Do cardio exercise

    and more...the article contains 20 tips total.

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