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At what body fat percent do abs show without working out and at what body fat percent do abs show when you do workout?

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    Working out or not doesn't affect the muscles being visible (working out or not affects the definition of them, when you can see them). Since everyone's body stores fat in different areas, the max % of body fat someone can have, and still have visible abs, varies from person to person. Per the source link for men it's 6 - 17% and women 14 - 24%, with definition showing at the higher end for both (around 17% for men and 24% for women, with the abs becoming more sculpted as that number lowers). 

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    6-17 percent for men

    14-24 for women

    Case by case scenario, but those are the potential ranges. Doesn’t change for whether you’re working out or not. It’s just how much fat you’re carrying.

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