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Should I go ahead and plan for failure?

I've been of work for over a month now due to some severe abdominal pain. They thought it was my gallbladder but the tests say it's ok. I've had other tests to try anf rule other possibilities out. I get to discuss the results to a scope I had with my surgeon tomorrow. My dr office is reluctant to keep writing notes for me. I only get 6 weeks off work and am currently on week 5. And going back right now isn't an option. I'm experiencing too much pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea...and my job doesn't have a light duty option. Especially without a diagnosis and something to fix it. 

My boss has been relentlessly messaging me telling me I need a note for this day and asking when I can return. I've been keeping her up to date on all that is happening and explaining appts and whatnot. The morning of my scopes(had a colon and endo) she messaged me telling me my note had me returning to work the next day and asking if I would be there. I had already explained to her about my procedures and when I would get my results.. Well I didn't message her til the day after due to the anesthesia leftover making me sleep most of the day. She messaged me 2 more times after that. 

I am unsure of how to go about this. I am more than likely going to lose my job just from running out of time alone. Without a diagnosis maybe I should find a different doctor elsewhere? Or does this usually take this long to find stuff out? I'm lost at the moment. I just want to feel better. 

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    Don't push the panic button yet.  Find out the results of your tests first and discuss this with your doctor.  Sure, you can get a second opinion but with only one week of sick leave left, you might have to wait at least that long just to see another physician.  The choice is yours.

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    Ask your doctor if he/she is willing to write up a report for disability. If that can happen you can collect disability payments. 

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