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How many non-black BLM supporters...?

How many non-black BLM supporters would want to actually live in a black majority community?I feel like these people out protesting with the blacks have never seen firsthand at how blacks can destroy and ravage a city. I guarantee that these people would be the first to move if blacks invaded their community and started trashing it just like they trash everywhere else. 

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    News footage from the most violent of these protests shows a lot more white people than black people. The BLM hew and cry appears to be less about race and more about just venting the spleen after months of being on lockdown. 

  • 1 month ago

    Zero of course, nobody is more racist than Liberals. Sure, Liberals "like" ethnics, just not near their homes or families unless they're mowing their grass or raising their children. Who was that celebrity cheering on the riots, right up until they approached his house, THEN they became "animals" who needed controlling.

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