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Does Honey boost immune system?

I want to know about Honey Benefits and how is effective for Human Body

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    Not enough on its own.  Honey is first and foremost a form of sugar.  Sugar in any form (dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose, etc.) can cause inflammation and other health issues.  Just eating a lot of honey is NOT going to improve your health or immune system.

    The "benefits' of honey come from raw, unfiltered honey derived from local hives, not the stuff you get in a bear squeeze bottle at the grocery store.  While there are nutrients and antioxidants in honey, there isn't anything in honey that you can't get from other sources. The first place to go in terms of your immune system is your gut biome.  Cut the sugar and carbs and improve the gut bacteria that determine your overall health.  

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    Some sources say that it can. It has various other benefits as well. 

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