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Is there a way when conceiving a child to do things that increase the chance of the child getting my good genes and not my bad ones?

Same with my husband, get his good genes but not his bad ones. On our first date my husband stated his mother and brother were treated for mental illness regarding anxiety and his brother had once spent time in a mental hospital following a suicide attempt. Both still struggle, the brother especially but the mother also. He noted a grandparent was an alcoholic and Bipolar Disorder ran in his mother's family. He also has an alcoholic uncle. 


Meanwhile that said all 4 of his grandparents were alive when we married, 3 still are now. So he has great physical genes. His mother's grandmother lived to 101. He even had 5 great-grandparents alive when he was born and all his great-grandparents lived past 80 except 1 that had the alcoholism gene and died at 55. 


Meanwhile in my family both my grandfathers died before I was 10. Only 1 grandparent was alive at our wedding and she had Alzheimers so couldn't come and wasn't even aware of who I was at that point. Strokes and cancers run in our family. However, mental illness does not run in our family at all.  


So how do I get my children to have my mental genes and my husband's physical genes? I don't want to ask his family obviously or it would hurt them terribly to know I don't want the child to have their mind / mental genes. It is not their fault obviously and they are all very good people. Is there a way to get my good mental genes and my husband's good physical genes? 

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    Some inherited genetic conditions can be avoided with fertility treatments (costly and expensive ones), but mental illness is not something we have the technology to screen for yet, since those conditions are complex and likely involve multiple genes. 

    Unfortunately, none of the conditions you mentioned can be controlled for, so about the best you can do is a) both you and your husband maintain very healthy lifestyles starting several months before TTC and continue during pregnancy, and b) if your child shows early signs of ANY kind of mental illness, intervene early so that he/she doesn't have to suffer like others in your family have. Mental illness often manifests differently in children and teens, but there are many more resources to help families today than when you or your parents were young.

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    Pray for healthy baby 

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    no.  No there is no way to have a baby with those kinds of traits garuanteed

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    Nothing you can do without medical intervention, no.

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    CRISPR is probably your best shot...

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