Do conservatives understand that facts, data and statistics don't care about their feelings?

For example, Obama outperforms Trump on almost every economic indicator.



Obama averaged 217,000 new jobs per month over the course of his presidency for a total of 20.8M new jobs. Under Trump America has lost 40M jobs this year alone.



Obama absolutely destroys Trump in GDP growth. Under Obama we had GDP growth in excess of 3.5 pct. on 4 occasions:


• 4.7 pct. in Q4 2011

• 3.6 pct. in Q1 2013

• 5.1 pct. in Q2 2014

• 4.9 pct. in Q3 2014


By contrast, Trump has had just one quarter with this level of growth - 4.5 pct. in Q2 2018, and this year GDP dropped by 32.9%.




This is another area where Obama demolishes Trump. When Obama took office, the DOW was at 7,550 thanks to the Bush recession. When he left office, the DOW was at 19,732. This was a rise of 12,181 points during his term, or +61.3 pct.


Trump started with 19,732, and today the DOW is 27,938. That’s an increase of only 41 pct.




Obama wins again. During Obama’s 8 years in office the debt increased by $172B, or $21.5B per year. Trump has added $79B to the debt in 2.5 years which works out to $31.6B per year, and that was before Covid.


Republicans have been brainwashed to repeat the Fox talking points that Obama destroyed the economy and Trump rescued it, but the facts tell a different story. Remember this in 2020 when you vote. Don’t believe the GOP lies!

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  • Ian
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I suspect that you're hoping for too much if you think that a conservative will consider proven evidence.  From conservatives all we ever get is lies, abuse and fear-mongering.  And have you seen the people that vote for Trump?  They're idiots!  I noticed today the seeds of distrust in Biden being planted by the media.  

  • 1 month ago

    Obama started from the depths of the Clinton caused housing recession, Trump did not.  That skews all your statistics

  • 1 month ago

    I don't think your GDP numbers match the facts. Best double check. 

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