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Please, say your opinion on my theory. Here's my theory on how humanity going to communicate with each other in the future. ?

1. They mostly going to see text in front of their eyes in the virtual screen, to express their complicated thoughts with words going to be impossible.

2. The screen not going to distract them from cognitive performance, or looking around. Similar to our ability to speak while we walking they going to sent texts to each other heads.

3. The history of their conversations going to stored in additional memory in their heads.

4. They going to see a list of things that they marked as important, or as subject to discuss with a person. When they'll meet the person, they will mark topics that they want to discuss right now and sent as an offer to the person.

The person will approve them or one of them and they'll discuss it very quickly. With the help of improved brains and speed-reading techniques, they'll be able to discuss tons of information by those text-head messages.

5. Archaic speech going to practice for fun.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    No I doubt very much this will happen.

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