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Is depression over diagnosed in today’s society?

I have a friend who got diagnosed with major depression after witnessing a car accident. Seriously that’s dumb. 

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    When we witness things like that a statement triggers in the mind, “that could be me” then thoughts of what happens when we die quickly follow, the not knowing causes the depression. In not knowing we come to terms with the insignificance of all our efforts in life, why move forward if forward leads to death? Some people don’t get these thoughts some do for those that do life seems all the more cruel. We are never taught to deal with the question of death so when hits us all of a sudden it can shock us.  The best way to combat this is to delve in to it, ask the questions, seek the answers, you may never discover the truth but there is contentment is settling on a belief, using it as comfort for what is a question that can only truly be answered by death itself   

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