NPG Starlett asked in PetsDogs 2 months ago

Why do dogs run up to strangers and jump all over them and lick them?

No, this is not a troll question. I'm genuinely curious.

Everytime I go out, if there's a person walking a dog going pass, the dog - no matter what size - notices me and gets very excited and tries to run to me but is pulled back by their owner. Once a dog managed to let go of its' owner and ran up to me, jumping up on my legs and licking me - and the dog had never seen me before.

Are dogs more naturally trusting of strangers than, say, cats? Cats normally wouldn't approach strangers.

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  • Amber
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    2 months ago
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    I think it's just your experience as I get approached more often by cats than I do by dogs.

    Sometimes you'll get a very happy, confident dog who'll come and say hello to everyone. Usually this dog has only ever had good experience with people so thinks everyone wants to love them.

  • Jojo
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    2 months ago

    I am very sure that there are loads more dogs that DON`T feel the need to run up to strangers and lick them, than there are that do.

    I think you are vastly exaggerating this issue.

    Unless of course you smell like a prime piece of steak. 不不不不

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