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Overcoming extreme anxiety??

I used to be confident, but was bullied and isolated by my friends throughout my final year of school. I was told me no-one likes me, my close friends blocked me on social media and cropped me from photos. They once invited me over, but when I thought I was finally accepted, the locked me out and laughed me. I developed clinical depression, self harmed and was emotionally numb. I performed poorly in university the next year, and only got my life on track after a further yr of therapy. Those 'friends' who didn't know of my mental health, still bullied me as I hadn't graduated.

I'm now 25, and I just finished my masters in finance after completing a double degree in finance and actuarial science. But no matter what, I still feel insecure and worthless. I find it hard to believe anyone would want to be friends with me. I feel sick when people speak to me. How do I overcome this?

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    By spending a lot of time with people who accept you. Treat people the way you want to be treated with care and consideration and you will be Ok.

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