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If zombies existed in real life what would they be like?

But no one knows for sure if they exist or not 

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    Standard shambling reanimated corpses? They'd explode in the heat and freeze in the cold. They'd rot in almost any temperature above freezing. They can't heal. They'd be eaten by predators - or just by maggots. You might not be able to shoot them, but you can still burn them perfectly fine. They're not a threat - an outbreak would be over in a week.

    Rage-virus style 'zombies'? As they're still alive they can at least heal from minor injuries and won't succumb to normal temperatures and won't be appealing to flies. However they aren't intelligent, they won't get out of the heat or cold and so will catch hypo/hyperthermia very quickly. They can be killed any way a normal human can, so the most efficient way would be to gas them. More of an immediate threat, but ultimately easier to deal with than supernatural zombies.

    Zombies of any description simply wouldn't be able to do much in the real world. If you start saying "ah yes, but zombies won't rot" then you're just arbitrarily imposing rules to overcome the real-world weaknesses.

  • Cogito
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    5 months ago

    But they don't.  There is absolutely no reason to think they exist.

    You might as well ask what gnomes would be like if THEY existed!

  • !
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    5 months ago

    Well, we know for sure they dont exist. If they did, it would depebd on the exact physics and biology at play. Assuming we're talking about a typical reanimated corpse as portrayed in movies and tv, you'd have to assume there would be some sort of decomposition at  work which would slow the creature down to a stereotypical shuffle. On the other hand, a pharmacological zombie who's had their will and/or higher brain function shut down, but is otherwise a normal functioning body could easily be fast moving under the right conditions. Either way, they likely wouldnt have a hunger for brains, but would respond to any external stimuli with a primitive, subconscious reaction

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