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Why do black Americans look different from Africans ?

Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Regina King, Diahann Carroll, Kelly Rowland etc. looks nothing like the average West African.


I specifically mentioned west Africans. Most of them west, south, and central look alike to me. I don't see a difference. Only Horner's looks different but they still have that African look.

Update 2:

I am talking about west and central Africans, not anyone else. Most Africans don't look any different from each other imo.

Update 3:

The average white American is mixed with African or native, of course they don't look like Europeans.

Update 4:

I am talking about actual white Americans not those " my grandpa was Irish" types. There were alot of white passing biracials and 3/4 whites intermixing with full white people.

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    Mainly because African Americans you mention are of mixed ethnicity. That's why they're called African Americans. 

  • Anonymous
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    Because 90% of them are educated isn't this a good thing?

  • Lili
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    Most American whites actually are not mixed with African or Native American.  Widespread ancestral DNA testing indicates that such mixtures are rare among whites.

    However, a large number of black Americans DO have white ancestry because of the frequent rape of slaves by white slaveowners. 

    I should point out that Africans themselves do not all look alike, not remotely. They range widely in terms of color and facial features.

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    They are eating instead of starving..

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    Stress, hope...

  • adam
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    Because the so called aftican american isnt black. DNA test will show white and native as well as black. Plenty of race mixing went on and still does. Good thing to because they ugly without white DNA. Stupid too. Go to africa and you will still see tribes living in grass huts . Loin cloths and a bone through the nose. Primitive people 

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Same reason any two humans look different, even if they have the same sexe and parents: because they inherited different mutations from different ancestors

  • John P
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    1 month ago

    Why do Africans from the different parts of that huge continent called Africa look different from each other? Have you never seen someone from Egypt, or Morocco, or Congo. For that matter what about 'white' Americans, and Britons, and Germans, etc? 

  • Foofa
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    African-Americans often have admixtures of European and Native American blood. But not all black Americans have west African ancestry and a Kenyan or Tanzanian tends to look different than a Ghanan or Nigerian.

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    different lineage and lifestyle.

    modern african-americans have a blended ancestry of many african tribal groups from the time of slavery, as well as intermarriage with whites and other races over the last 2 centuries.

    also, people in most of africa do not have the abundance of food that we have in america.

    they are thinner because of conditions where they live.


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    People from the same ethnic background do not all look the same, no matter their heritage.

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