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Why do people believe Green New Deal would cost up to 51 - 93 trillion and bankrupt The United States of America?

Several other countries doing vastly better than America have Green New Deals of their own and those countries aren't bankrupt.  Amazon CEO & The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos has $189 billion dollars, imagine if we stopped letting people like him from getting away with not paying taxes and stopped giving people like him $1,600,000 tax breaks then how costly would the Green New Deal be on Americans who wouldn't be paying so much because people like Donald J. Trump and Jeff Bezos make 500x more than them yet either don't pay a cent or barely pay a cent to which no taxing the CEO is not the same as taxing the entire business Bezos would still make 13.9 billion a year.


Lets put 51 - 93 trillion in perspective

$500 Trillion dollar bailing out corporations and banks

$500 billion dollar of Paycheck Protection Program funds he 'misplaced' that went to hate groups, 9k Evangelist megachurches, Tucker Carlson, his own son-in-law, Kayne West and his multi-million dollar donors.

$11 billion spent on 3 more miles of border wall that isn't even stable that immigrants are climbing over, sawing through and walking around.

Update 2:

$8 billion spent on military weaponry hidden in coronavirus bill

$1.7 billion hiring independent contractor Tommy Fisher, who alongside Kris Kobach, "Sheriff" David Alexander Clarke Jr. and Stephen Bannon wasted $25 million dollars to build an inadequate 3 mile wall too close to the river which engineers have said the wall should never have been built so close to the river, is already showing signs of runoff erosion and in danger of falling into the Rio Grande.

Update 3:

$686 million for new F35 Fighter Jets hidden in coronavirus bill 

$454,000,000 surplus in Military equipment for local police

$137 million taxpayer dollars on Golf at Donald J. Trump's personal golf course

$1,600,000 Tax break to millionaires/billionaires

$60k to have military fighter jets fly over hospitals in New York City.

One million dollars on a military fighter jet that crashed before take off

Update 4:

Thousands on a fourth of July parade that got rained on  

Thousands on the fourth of July Mount Rushmore show

Undisclosed amount of money to reconstruct ICE Detention Centers.

That isn't half of what Donald J. Trump has spent over 3 3/5 years.

Remember you only got $1,200

Update 5:

I noticed no credible citation for the Germany claim, additionally historically The United States of America does better economically under democratic presidency.  Science literally proves you wrong, why do you all despise science.  Then again biology says there are more than two genders so conservatives really hate science.

Update 6:

tl;dr generation I do not care, you made the mistake thinking I cared about your attention seeking by voting for TRUMP when I don't now run along back to your QAnon conspiracies.

Update 7:

Do note that if you're going to provide citation, replace the space the Dot Com or the link will remove your answer from being seen.

Update 8:

How does spending hundreds of millions of dollars to study how low income communities are being impacted by climate change actually help the problem of climate change?

May help provide ways to improve resources for low income communities so they are not as impactful on clime change.

How does spending millions of dollars on training of minorities in the work force help climate change?

May lead to a less effect on climate change by the unemployed.

I thought that was pretty basic myself.

Update 9:

Why do any of you feel the need to go anonymous for such a basic question?  Additionally your price point is incorrect.

Update 10:

The United States of America is not in any way bankrupt.

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  • Cowboy
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    1 month ago
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    It's all republican idiocy, lies and crimes - they've abandoned the Constitution and are really no longer American!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nobody here can speak for any "people" other than themselves. However your post belongs in Politics or Government, NOT Yahoo Answers.

  • 1 month ago

    Here is a reality I see nobody talking about when it comes to 'we need to cut carbon emissions from gas powered cars'. We have about 47 years of oil left in the ground and then it's all gone.. In about 20 years when demand outstrips production there will be hoarding, prices going through the roof and wars fought for the remaining oil.. In other words the problem will solve itself because there won't be any oil left to pollute.. Gone forever and just a story to tell your grandkids about how everyone drove cars and wasted all the oil on the planet in just a couple hundred years..

    The green new deal has more of a chance for us to end up like the movies soylent green crossed with 1984... That heaping pile of dung has no chance because it's pure stupid.. 

  • 1 month ago

    They don’t really believe it. It’s just a straw man argument from ignorance.

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  • JimZ
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    1 month ago

    I'm sure the idiots that helped in Castro or Chavez dreamed of their utopia too.  The arrogance of leftists that think they can do a better job always ends in death and massive suffering yet these idiots keep trying to lecture the decent people among us.  

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    The difference between the US and "Several other countries" is that we're already bankrupt. Also, it's impossible in a free society to stop people like Jeff Bezos from just taking all their wealth with them when they flee the country. It's not like the billionaire class is just going to stay and let themselves be picked clean. 

  • 1 month ago

    I'm all about being better stewards of the land. Its just unfortunate that the vast majority of the Green New Deal had nothing to do with the environment. How does spending hundreds of millions of dollars to study how low income communities are being impacted by climate change actually help the problem of climate change? How does spending millions of dollars on training of minorities in the work force help climate change? Those are only two small examples of the crazy Green New Deal.

  • Nat
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    1 month ago

    Lobbyists have spent a lot of money trying to convince people of that 

  • Jeff S
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    1 month ago

    They're probably fossil fuel employees dependent on continuing selling those fossil fuels!

    The ONLY thing they've got are scare tactics!

  • 1 month ago

    Because i understand the simplicity of economics and how the global economy and the US economy interact.   Its simple really . 

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