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New rabbit is scared ?

I got a new rabbit today and it’s shaking like a leaf. I know this may be because she unfamiliar with where she is but is there anyway to make her settle in quickly ?

She also hasn’t been held much before and can be quite cranky so any advice to help with that too would be great. 

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    i agree with everyone else just to add in the future your rabbit may just not like to be held she probably just likes to be pet and thats it.... remember they are prey animals while yes there are quite a few rabbits who dont mind it doesnt mean they like it. dont force her to be picked up.

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    I play a radio on low volume around my rabbits, it keeps them used to the sound of human voices. I also always announce myself when I'm going to be doing something in their area, that way I don't startle them by suddenly appearing. Always talk very softly to your rabbits, almost in a whisper. Let your bunny smell your hand before your try and pick them up or pet them. Mine love scratches between their eyes. It's a spot they just can't reach very easily.  You may need spend a lot of time getting your bunny used to being touched before you try and get her used to being held. I also give my bunnies a piece of untreated wood as a chew toy, and a golf ball to play with. if this your only bunny, you should probably get her a mirror as well.

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    Give her some clean bedding, plenty of fresh water, good and some raw veggies and don't try to hold her, give her time to adjust to her new surroundings.  Talk to her play soft music and just give her a couple days to settle in.

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    With every single new animal, there is an adjustment period. This helps them get used to everything. The more you push and poke and force yourself on her, the less adjusted she will be. Make sure she has food, water, a hidey hole, and leave her be. The quicker you try and force it, the slower she will settle in. Just leave her be for 48 hours. Don't touch her, don't try and hold her, nothing. Check in on her, slowly and gently, but other than that, just go about your day. Put her some place quiet.

    After the 48 hours, put her in her place where she will live. Don't purposely make noise, but do your everyday things the same way you always would. Start tossing in treats, talk in calm, soothing voices, and still, leave her be. After about a week, you can start putting your hand in the cage, palms flat, and offer her a treat or two. Take it slowly. You cannot rush this, or you will ruin everything. It takes time for animals to become used to everything.

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    Yes give her a place to hide for a while to calm down then just leave it alone.

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