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Why is selfishness and irrationality a common trait of Libras?

I don't mean all Librans but it's seems to be the negative or shadow self that presents itself particularly in females.

I am an earth sign and I am going through hell with this person.


Breath taking hypocrisy and absolutely no rational in their behaviour.

Absolutely ridiculous and dare I say manipulative


Who's Janet?

(Anonymous mentions this in the answers feed)

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People born under ANY zodiac signs can be manipulative, selfish, irrational, and ridiculous. I don't understand why people like to pick on Libras only. Is it because they think Libras are easy targets for them? I feel like there are several people who turned everyone (including men) against Libras, and I guess they have been successful with their evil plans to destroy some Libras it seems.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Strictly your point of view. No statistics or rational logic exist for astrology. Zero. If you’re looking for excuses, astrology can do this.

    I wonder what you’re education level is. Was science literacy and critical thinking skills part of the curriculum? Or did you attend a place like Hogwarts?

    Do you really think people are programmed robots? That get their instructions from outside our planet? Know any source that can show astrology works and how it works?

    Talking about ridiculous, how serious is this question? Why aren’t you seeing a professional astrologer instead of strangers in the entertainment section?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No **** you all are. So selfish and only care about yourselves and your agenda and murder others. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Janet is wrong. I have no planets, luminaries and specific nodes or points such as my ascendant and Lilith in Libra literally none and I am still alive and existing. Libra is represented in my 11th house which only houses my Pluto in scorpio which is not really significant in my chart so she is wrong to assume everyone has Libra in their chart because I barely have any placement in this sign but I have a lot of Aries placements which is the opposite of Libras. Sun signs do have an impact so it’s okay to ask about Libra Suns because the sun represents our ego. From my experience a lot of Libra Suns tend to be hypocritical not necessarily selfish but they like to enforce what they think is right but don’t really practice those beliefs themselves.

    Update: Looks like Janet deleted her answer when I called her out for being wrong to assume everyone has Libra in their placement chart until she heard what I had to say about it. Sorry but she is notorious on this section for blasting people and lecturing that sun signs are insignificant when she is wrong. Sun signs are very important as they represent our ego and the second layer people recognize after our ascendant sign. She claims to be a certified astrologer with more than 20 years of experience and although I agree with her that Sun signs is not the overall assessment it is an important factor to consider to not disregard.

    Source(s): My personal experience with Libra Suns.
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