Legal advice in case of suicide threats ?

My spouse's sister in law is emotionally blackmailing my in laws by suicide. What can we do to protect ourselves from her leagaly. She keeps harassing them if they talk of/or meet me and my husband. She has made sure that me and my husband don't attend any family function or festivals. This time my father in law invited us for ganpati so she has started threatening suicide if they go against her wishes. We all have been doing whatever she wanted since she got married but now things are getting scary for all of us.She and my brother in law are married only 5 years back. So we are all scared if she does something it may be registered as dowry harrassment.

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  • David
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    No offense meant, but seriously...your in-laws are idiots.  

    A relative threatens to kill herself, so the parents respond by ENCOURAGING her outrageous behavior?!?!?!?!?  If you reward a suicide threat, then what you get are ...more suicide threats.  

    My daughter doesn't have any mental "issues".  However, if she tried to blackmail me by threatening to kill herself, she would have two choices:

    1)  Actually kill herself. or

    2)  Stay alive and watch while I do the exact OPPOSITE of what she wants me to do.

    Don't get me wrong.  I love my daughter, and I would never want her to harm herself.  But here's the deal.  I love MYSELF just a bit more.  I'm not going to allow anybody to manipulate me or my close relatives by blackmail.  Even if that means I lose a daughter to suicide.  

    While it would be horrible to lose a daughter to self-inflicted death, it would be a little bit more horrible to live with MYSELF knowing that I allowed my daughter to manipulate my life in a very evil fashion.  Cause let's face it...threatening to kill yourself just to manipulate your relatives is....PURE EVIL.

    My daughter would never do such a thing.  But if she tried it, just ONCE...that tactic would back-fire on her, in a big way.  She would NOT be happy with the consequences, that is for sure...

    You do not need legal advice.  You need to sit down with the in-laws and explain the whole concept of rewarding good behavior and PUNISHING BAD BEHAVIOR.  They have so far let their daughter walk all over them, and that is not good.  By not setting firm boundaries for her, her parents have created a monster.  It's not too late.  The parents can stop playing daughter's games.

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